Mar 23, 2024 I will begin a research internship at Amazon Robotics in the summer of 2024, advised by Prof. Taskin Padir.
Jan 20, 2024 Our work E(2)-Equivariant Graph Planning for Navigation is accepted to RA-L. See you in Abu Dhabi :camel: (IROS 2024)!
Aug 25, 2023 Our work ViHOPE is accepted to RA-L. See you in Yokohama :jp: (ICRA 2024)!
May 15, 2023 I receive a $1,300 RAS travel grant for ICRA 2023.
Apr 17, 2023 I will present our work in progress, StereoNavNet: Learning to Navigate using Stereo Camera with Auxiliary Occupancy Voxels, at CVPR 2023 3D Vision and Robotics in Vancouver :canada:.
Apr 14, 2023 I completed my M.S thesis defense on “Toward Efficient Stereo-based Obstacle Detection Using Deep Neural Network”.
Jan 16, 2023 Our work StereoVoxelNet is accepted to ICRA 2023. See you in London :uk:!
Jul 1, 2022 Our paper is accepted to IROS 2022. Kudos to Unver!