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I am a senior student at RPI.

Computer Science &

Economics Major

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Introduction To AI

Topics include search, knowledge representation and reasoning, planning, reasoning under uncertainty, and machine learning
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Machine Learning From Data

This course will develop an understanding of the limits to which information can be learned from data, and how. The student will gain an understanding of basic tradeoffs in learning from data, and the general pitfalls
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Distributed Systems and Algorithms

This course explores the principles of distributed systems, emphasizing fundamental issues underlying the design of such systems: communication, coordination, synchronization, and fault-tolerance.
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Economics of Financial Institutions and Markets

This course will examine a wide range of financial markets and institutions and the micro-and macroeconomic forces that relate to them. The course will be driven by readings from current news stories, articles from the financial press, and research articles.
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Economics of Biotech and Medical Innovations

Students will learn about markets related to healthcare, insurance, biopharmaceuticals, and medical devices.
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Programming Languages

This course is a study of important concepts in programming languages. Topics include programming language syntax and semantics, types and parameter passing, and programming paradigms (logic-oriented, functional, von Neumann, object-oriented).
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Operating System

Topics include I/O programming, concurrent processes and synchronization problems, process management and scheduling of processes, virtual memory management, device management, file systems, deadlock problems, system calls, and interprocess communication.
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Numerical Computing

Topics include numerical solution of linear and nonlinear algebraic equations, interpolation and least squares approximations, numerical integration and differentiation, eigenvalue problems, and an introduction to the numerical solution of ordinary differential equations.
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Environmental Economics

Covers the economics of environmental quality including the links between the economy and the environment, the causes of environmental problems, evaluation of environmental projects and policies, and policies to address environmental issues with an emphasis on efficiency, equity, and sustainability, and the international dimensions of environmental issues.
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Economics And Computation

Topics include Simultaneous-move games, Equilibrium computation, Sequential-move games, Correlated equilibrium, algorithmic game theory, Auctions, Mechanism Design, Matching, Voting, strategic manipulation, Preference Modeling.
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Mentored MATLAB programming course for three semesters

teaches elementary programming concepts using the MATLAB environment for engineering students with little or no prior programming experience. Concepts include variables, looping, and function calls.


Topics covered include linear and simple nonlinear regression models, internal and external validity, methods for panel data and binary dependent variables, instrumental variable methods, use of experimental and quasi-experimental data, and basic time series methods.
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Economics of Government Regulation and Firm Strategy

Examine regulations related to the environment, intellectual property rights, healthcare, and antitrust. Examine the interaction between regulatory policies and how businesses respond to them with respect to innovation, production, and pricing.
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Money and Banking

Financial institutions, especially commercial banking and the Federal Reserve System, are considered from three perspectives: their monetary roles; trends in the economic, organizational, and technological aspects of their operations; and their other economic roles-a critical view. Also, the role of money in macroeconomic theory is considered along with the role of monetary policies in relation to the problems of inflation and unemployment.
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